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Project Description
Soup up Excel a bit to improve its ability to track portfolio transactions and performance. I don't expect this to be used widely - probably just a family tool.

My programming skills are dated and rusty, and I see this project as a way to learn new tools while creating something that will be of use to me and possibly some family members. That said, I would be happy for it to be used more broadly.

The general idea is to use C#, .NET, Excel-DNA, Visual Studio, Git, and CodePlex to improve an Excel workbook that I have been using to track investments. Currently the workbook tracks accounts, buys, sells, distributions, cash in, cash out, puts, calls, allocation, and IRR since inception. It reconciles capital gains, option premiums, distributions, cash in, cash out, and current balances.

Initial objectives are to show IRR quarterly and annually and automate much of the data entry.

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